Friday, April 30, 2010

Look for Less-Elizabeth And James Across The Hand Feather Ring

I think GOD has answered my prayers!!! AMEN. The Elizabeth and James Across the Hand Double Feather Ring is now at a price I can afford.
The day I layed my eyes across this ring I was in LOVE, but for $425 I knew it could never be mine. It is like that guy you date you have great chemistry but you could never be. I felt like this LOVE AFFAIR WOULD NEVER BE.

But no need to fret FOREVER 21 always saves the day. The give me everything I want and more. I would marry Forever 21 and have it's affordable babies. :) And I am serious. But enough of me ranting about this feast your eyes on this MAGIC SENT FROM HEAVEN FOR ONLY $4.80.

Just click on the picture below to purchase or for more details.

Elizabeth and James Across the Hand Ring


Forever 21 Feather Connector Ring


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fashion dpression,depression

Here is a update on my progress from "Help I Am In A Fashion Depression".
First I want to thank everyone that gave me support and understood exactly where I was coming from. It was actually surprising to see how many of you felt somewhat the same way. I was glad to know that I was not the only one that felt that way.

So here is my progress from the past weeks. I am so sorry to say that I have not made any progress in achieving a better visual appearance in the workplace. The night before I have such good intentions on getting up early, choosing something other that my same 5 outfits and sprucing myself up. But what do I end up doing, getting up at the 7:00 am and racing against the clock to get out of the door on time and retreat back to my work pile of clothing. It is so sad, I think I need a therapist. Dr.Phil I need a interview STAT!!! LOL. I don't think it is that serious but I need a Intervention with myself.

I think how did I get this way? What went wrong? I used to care how I looked and dressed, now my image is not very becoming. Every weekend after I was my hair I say to myself this is going to be the week. But what ends up happening is the same routine, Day In and Day Out.

Does anyone truly feel like I do? I sit at a desk all day and it does not give me the motivation to want to dress up but I need to my livelihood depends on it. Spring is here and it time for a new beginning. I am not sure what it is going to be but I need a DRASTIC CHANGE. I am thinking of cutting my hair. Having long hair it is easy to get into the ponytail routine very quickly. I need something that I am able to maintain but gives me something new. So until next time my pretties, Stay Fabulous!!!

***Please share your thoughts,comments,and questions below? I am will be featuring them in my next Fashion Depression Update?

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry for the Lack of Post

I just wanted to let you know that I am not neglecting my blogging duties but this past week has been a dowsy.

My roommate of almost three years gives me a three week notice to move out and find a new place because she has closed on a new home. So scrambling trying to find a place for rent that is still close to work is a HARD THING TO DO. And on top of that, the next day as I am driving home from work I get into a auto accident that completely totaled my car.

As you can see from the pictures below, I was not feeling too great after everything settled. But I am doing alot better now but just trying to get myself back on track.

With moving and trying to find a car and dealing with insurance companies I am just a little overwhelmed, but no need to fret my pretties I will be back posting in no time. I love sharing things with you and can't wait to get back to what I LOVE BEST.

Love you all and Thank you for your support.

94 Honda Accord

94 Honda Accord

94 Honda Accord

94 Honda Accord

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coachella Fashion 2010

Coachella has come and gone for 2010. I was personally invited by H&M to blog about the fashion and happenings of this year's Coachella but due to such short notice I was not able to attend. :( Yes I shed a tear or two. But no worries there were some many others there getting coverage of this event.

The main reason for truley wanting to attend. was to wear oversized clothing with exposed undergarments and ROCK OUT with my other fellow fashionistas. But since I had to let this oppurtunity pass I decided to still bring some of my favorite looks from the festival.

Fashion at Coachella Music Festival is all about comfort and rock end style. I know this is the only time of the year, where you can wear a bikini top as a shirt, layering neck, and walk barefoot and it be accepted. Just the freedom of no social stigmas are just the BEST.

From rompers to fun and flirty dress and cut off shorts you can take away some of your personal style from these festival go-ers.

See yall there at COACHELLA 2011.

Coachella Fashion 2010

Photo Credit:Forever 21

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Guest Post-Add Flair to Your Work Outfits

This guest post was contributed by Sara from Star Costumes after reading my article about being in a Fashion Depression and thought that adding a little flair to your office outfits can help break the corporate monotony. THANK YOU SARA.

Dealing with a conservative office environment? It can be tough when you want to spice up your outfits but are constrained by the oh-so-boring black pumps and senator cardigans that everyone else at your workplace is sporting. Never fear, though . . . it is possible to add some flair to your everyday outfits and still keep them work-appropriate.

Some of these items might be a little too flashy for the stiffest offices, but you know your work environment best, so don't be afraid to toe the line and see what you can get away with in the name of fashion!

Accessories are prime pieces of flair because they can add personality to an outfit without completely taking it over. Plus, they're rarely included in a manual's dress code, so you can use that to back yourself up if you happen to get busted.

Try a showpiece ring like this one (Pave Movable Turtle Ring, $24, Urban Outfitters):

Or throw on a fabulous scarf that's rich with color and goes with anything (Smocked Rainbow Scarf, $8.80, Forever 21):

Hair is also a natural place to put some flair. If your office allows hats, try wearing a chic fedora or a 1920s-style headpiece with an elegant flower or a bit of lace. If you don't want something taking up your whole head, try a unique headband (Wide Feather Headband, $5.80, Forever 21

Finally, don't neglect your lower half! If it's chilly at your workplace or you feel uncomfortable showing a lot of leg when you wear a skirt, tone it down while spicing it up with a really interesting pair of tights, like these two from ModCloth (Nocturnal Tights, $31.99, and Rad to the Herringbone Tights, $34.99):

So remember: no matter how conservative your office is, you can strive to stand out at least a little bit. Who knows? You might even get a few compliments and shake things up enough to inspire a mini fashion trend!

This post was contributed by Sara Bimmel, who writes about Halloween costumes over at

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Frugal Tip Monday-My 401k/Retirement Dilemma

Finance has always been a interest of mine ever since I can remember. I have always been a frugal shopper at heart. I think it runs in my viens. My mother was the sales rack queen and still is, and my dad has a New York state of mind "where everything can be talked down in price" and I mean EVERYTHING. But money and knowing how to create wealth has been on the for front of my mind now that I am at the age to really start thinking of retirement.

Being 25 years old from what experts, say is the "GOLDEN AGE" to start your quest for stability in retirement. And Whoa!!! has it been overwhelming trying to find my way. There is a article written by Jill of My Dollar Plan and her dreaded fear of 25 and retirement decisions.

Look at the packet they expect read. I think I am going to lose my mind if I read this and still do not understand. There is at 60 pages. Can someone please read this for me? PLEASE!!! LOL.




And this is the where you place the percentage of how much
you would like to go into each stock. I have no idea how I am going to understand this.



Is anyone feeling overwhelmed by thier retirement plans? Please formspring me and let me know, if you have any knowledge of 401k or just want to share your experiences.

I will keep you updated on my progress in my 401k enrollment process and share some tips that I learn along the way. Look forward to hearing from everyone.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daily Deals From Fashion Without Guilt

Great Deals courtesy of Cheapalicious

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-How to Say "I Do" on A Budget


DailyWorth knows how to find a solution to all my finance related dilemmas. Recently DailyWorth, wrote an article about having a Affordable Wedding. This was a dream come true because I have always felt that you did not have to pay the amount of a house down payment to have a nice wedding.

I am not engaged to be married or necessarily thinking of marriage just yet but when that day does arise I have said to myself on many occassions"I want to see how affordable I can make my special day without minusing luxury and quality". As DailyWorth says "Your guests will remember your vows and how great the party was," says Lori, a DW reader. "No one remembers how expensive your pew decorations were or whether you had designer shoes!" Amen to that.

Finding a beautiful wedding gown is key but spending almost $3000 or more on something that you are going to wear for only maybe a hour is quite ridiculous, especially if you cannot afford it. Finding a nice dress that can transition from your wedding ceremony and to the reception is a another great way to save money. Having two and three dresses is truly a unnecessary expense.

And another way in my mind of cutting cost but still having a fabulous day is if you want a beach wedding renting a beach house, big enough to accomodate you and your guests. I do not plan on having a lot of guest at my wedding. I want something more intimate and cost effective. If you rent a house, that is waterfront you can have the wedding right in your backyard. And following the reception, it could be held in the lower level of the home. Two for the price of one, you can't beat that.

Here are the tips from DailyWorth to have a Affordable Wedding:

-Swap. Ask friends to do your flowers, wedding album, hair, makeup, music, etc., in lieu of a gift.

-Substitute. Wear a white cocktail dress; have a tapas party instead of a dinner; get married on Friday.

-Track costs. Planning takes months, so monitor spending in a Google doc shared with your mate or parents.

-DIY. Whatever you can, from invites to hors d'oeuvres.

And this a wedding budget worksheet to help track you spending.

Photo Credit:Cinderella Toppers

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Modern Day Pearl Necklace Under $20

Pearlescent Cluster Necklace
$14.80 – Forever 21

Sullen Braided Necklace
$19.80 – Forever 21

ASOS Double Row Chain Necklace With Pearls

Chiffon Pearlescent Necklace
$12.80 – Forever 21

Triple-strand gem necklace

Chiffon Pearls
$8.80 – Forever 21

For more details, or to purchase please click on the items above.

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WINNER of Fashion Without Guilt Jewelry Giveaway

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Li Kage of Sample Sale Websites is the winner fo the Fashion Without Guilt Jewerly Giveaway.

Li Kage I would love if you send me some pictures of you wearing the ring to share with my readers.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL WHO ENTERED. I will be having another giveaway very soon.

Pictures of So Good Jewelry

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

Here are the details of Giveaway:
You have to be/become a FAN of Fashion Without Guilt on our FACEBOOK or TWITTER to be eligible for the contest. And that is it. Just that simple.
The contest end March 17th. So please if you would like to win this ring from So Good Jewelry from NYC, please enter.

Fashion Without Guilt Giveaway

Fashion Without Guilt Giveaway

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Zac Posen for Target Collection

ZAC POSEN FOR TARGET!!! Zac Posen is one of my favorite designers. He truly designs for the silhouette of a women's body and it does not hurt that he is a cutie too. ;) Wink. Wink.

Yet again, Target has used their power to summons another high end designer to bring their usually unattainable designs to the everyday consumer. Just like upcoming shoes line by Cynthia Vincent for Target, they have another grand slam on their hands.

The Zac Posen Collection for Target is set to premiere in store on April 25th. And prices range from $19.99-199.99 for the motorcycle red jacket.

I have my eye on the long Hawaiian print dress and the pair of black slacks.

Zac Posen for Target Collection
Zac Posen for Target Collection
Zac Posen for Target Collection

Photo Credit:Mama's A Rolling Stone

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cynthia Vincent for Target

cynthia vincent for target
I am so HAPPY that Target is still standing by the "High End,Low Price" Mantra. Ever since they have started collaborating with High End Designers, I have not been disappointed. And again, they have warmed my heart again. Cynthia Vincent has created a very budget friendly line of shoes for Target premiering April 18th-June 20, 2010.

I am really excited for this collection because Target is one of my favorite shoes destinations. I bought some nude pumps from Target the other day and they by far are my favorite pair of shoes to date. The prices are from 24.99 for flats to 29.99 for the wedges. I have my eye on the black and yellow wedges. And aren't the flats so right on for the spring trends of "Tribal Print".

What are some of your favorites?

cynthia vincent for target
cynthia vincent for target
cynthia vincent for target
cynthia vincent for target

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rachel Roy-Estelle Limited Edition Jewelry Collection

Rachel Roy and Estelle have teamed up to create a very unique and affordable Limited Edition Jewelry Collection. I am a HUGE FAN of Rachel Roy. When I see her clothing, I feel elegance and style but always a element of comfort.

As I learned and came across the collection I was immediately in LOVE. The soft jeweled tones with accents of gold is a perfect channeling for this spring season. The prices in this collection range from $39-$159. I know that isn't Fashion Without Guilt but I have only selected the pieces that suit everyone's price range.

There is everything from a Double Finger Ring for $50 (my favorite) and a Jeweled Ear Clip for $30.

So do not forget to get whatever item that you love right now, because some items have already sold out.

So for more details, click on the items below.

Happy Shopping

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beauty Tips-Rosewater

beauty tips,rosewater

Rosewater? Yes. Rosewater is a Beauty Tips Must Have. Not only does it have a beautiful scent but it can hydrate naturally.

According to Cheap Chica this not only hydrates but acts as a moisture element when applying makeup.

"And no, it won’t mess up your makeup. Not only does rose water set (some might say fix) your makeup, it keeps your skin hydrated without having to apply any sort of cream."

I am always looking for great "natural products" for my skincare. I have experimenting with various things but this is surely one that I am eager to try. Something that can act as a toner and hydrator is #1 on my list.

Below are some affordable options, if you wanting to try this beauty tip.

Here is a video from BellaSugar Tv explains some of the benefits of Rosewater:

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