Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enter To Win 3 Pairs of Jimmy Choo's From Closet Couture

How Would You Wear Your Choos?

Jimmy Choo and Saks Fifth Avenue are partnering together with Closet Couture to sponsor a contest to Win Three Pairs of Jimmy Choos. Not Just 1 or 2 but three pairs of Jimmy Choos.

I do not own a pair so I will surely be participating in this contest. The contest will run from March 27th-April10th.

To Enter:

1. Follow Jimmy Choo 24:7 on Closet Couture to read more about the collection and get access to their closet.

2. Make an outfit featuring at least one pair of Jimmy Choo shoes from the closet and anything else from your closet or others.

3. Save the outfit and include “Jimmy Choo” in the title of the outfit.

Enter as many times as you’d like and Jimmy Choo will pick the top three outfits that they like best. Winners will be announced the week of April 20, 2010.

WHEN: Saturday, March 27 through Saturday, April 10, 2010


That is it!!! Please have fun creating some great and chic outfits.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Follow Fashion Without Guilt on Twitter and Facebook

Monday, March 29, 2010 Turn 1 Get Designer Clothes for $1 Clothes for $1 from How can you beat that. After learning of this from Cheapalicious, I had to share it with all of you. is Net-A-Porter's outlet site. Designer Duds are going to be selling for $1. You have to RSVP for the event by April 11, the list will close on this date.

So make sure you register and hope that we all get some Great Fashion Finds.

How can you not for a $1.

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Frugal Tip Monday-Online Grocery Store,online grocery store is your Online Grocery Store. You are able to select your household items and have them delivered to your front door.
Setting up your account is very simple. will ask you some questions about your household and create a shopping list that is suitable for you. Some great features that I have discovered are that since this is still in beta mode, you are able to suggest items that are not seen on the site.
You can create your profile and connect with other Alice users, give reviews on items your have purchased, and automatically ship items. This is extremely innovative and outright genius.

From's blog, they list 7 reasons to use their site.

1. Get free shipping

Alice offers free shipping with every order.

2. Manage and automate your life

Alice is a service, similar to Netflix, that makes it very easy for you to manage and automate this entire category of goods so you never run out.

3. Use budgeting and advanced planning tools

Alice let’s you plan your purchases in this category, helping you budget and focus your spending, and avoid impulse purchases at the store.

4. Take advantage of competitive prices

You won’t overpay for the tremendous convenience of Alice. In addition to always free shipping, Alice’s prices are competitive with the traditional mass retailers.

5. Get coupons applied automatically

Alice has a completely new couponing system. We automatically find and apply coupons for you on thousands of products, making it easy to save even more without any extra effort.

6. Save time and eliminate store trips

Alice saves you time by eliminating store trips so you can do things that do matter.

7. Find all your favorite brands

Although just getting started, Alice’s product assortment is very broad, and we plan to continue to both major brands and the specialty brands you can’t always find on the store shelf.

Does anyone else think that this is a GENIUS IDEA OR WHAT?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

FWG Links!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

H&M Garden Collection First Look from Fab TV

I can hardly contain myself. The arrive date is near for the long awaited Garden Collection from H&M. I am like OCD when it comes down to something that I really want and I know that there is a limited supply.

I have called H&M at least 10 times in the past two weeks just to make sure that I have not missed beat. I have even set a reminder on my work calendar so that I can call right as the store opens to put certain items on hold. And here are some pictures from my computer as proof:

h&m garden collection

h&m garden collection

The collection is premering on March 25th. I can hardly hide the excitement and anxiousness that I feel. I have literally had a dream that I am at H&M trying on the collection. I know I am CRAZZYYYY!!! I wrote about the Garden Collection back in January and posted some of my MUST HAVES ITEMS.

But Fabsugar they have a exclusive sneek peek inside the collection before it hits stores. Is anyone as EXCITED AS I AM?

Video Source:FabTv

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-Spring Cleaning Tips and List

Spring Time has finally arrived. For some of us they were still having snow in some parts of the US on Saturday. Not here in Georgia it was a beautiful and warm.

So what did I do to take advantage of this Glorious Day?, I shaved my legs after them being in hibernation for months and put on a skirt. YYYEEEAAAHHHH FOR ME!!!! But anyways, it is definitely time to get everything in order for Spring Cleaning.

I am still in the process of trying to earn money of items that are in my home and not being used. So I took some time to find some great information guide on Spring Cleaning and even found a check list that can be printed and used as a handy "get ur done" guide:

How Clutter Can Cost You @ Get Rich Slowly
Spring Cleaning Tips @ Life Organizers
Storing Winter Clothes @ HouseKeeping
Spring Cleanup Check List @ CasaSugar
Great Surprise/Hidden Organizers @ Real Simple
Tips to Make Money From Spring Cleaning @ Ehow
Ways To Earn Money After Clean Out @ Fashion Without Guilt
Organize Your Finances @ SavvySugar

***And one more key thing to finish out your Spring Cleaning Duties: Go through your email inbox. Organize, create folders, and delete all the items. You will feel 10 times better. That is what I have been doing all last week. Cleaning up my email. It is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Photo Credit: Stacys Random Thoughts

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still to Come-New York City Trip Pictures

My pictures from my trip to New York for Chictopia and Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.

I had to purchase a pro account from Flickr so that I can upload inlimited amounts of pictures so please hold tight they will be up and sorted by this week.

Thank you so Much.

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Trendspotting:Boyfriend Jeans Under $25

Boyfriend Jeans are definitely a spring trend that will be around for a while. I am a true lover of skinny jeans but the relaxed yet feminine fit of these jeans are a "girl's best friend". We are not just raiding our significant others closet for blazers and white collared shirts but now we can were their jeans. WWWHHOOO!!! (With the voice of Vicky from the Housewives of Orange County).

Rolling up the bottom of your jeans and pairing them with your favorite footwear is a great way to keep this trend fun and girly.

Here are some my favorite examples of this trend "done right" courtesy of Chictopia.
I have selected some affordable style of boyfriend jeans under $25.

Trendspotting:Boyfriend Jeans

For more details or to purchase, please click on the items below

Photo Source:Chictopia

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Without Guilt Jewelry Giveaway

HAPPY ST. PATTYS DAY!!!! Just wanted to remind everyone the contest for the GIVEAWAY end today 12am. So please remember to FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to be entered in the contest.


As you have recently saw I went to NY for Fashion Bloggers Conference that were being held. I had a day to myself to sight see and just explore what NYC has to offer. My hotel was just a couple of steps from Canal Street. Canal Street is the mecca for all you "knockoff accessories". If you want it, it is there on Canal Street vendor after vendor with whatever you heart's desire.

I some how made my into Soho and came across every woman's dream accessories depot, So Good Jewelry. Once I entered the store my feet left the floor (like in Willy Wonka Movie) and I went mad. I picked up everything I saw and wanted within my reach. As I would look at the price tags I was even more in shock because the prices are what every "Frugal Fashionista" hopes to one day encounter. The quality of the jewelry was impeccable. Mostly everything that I picked up was $4.99. Let's just say I spent a Benjamin Franklin without batting a eyelash and was completely satisfied. And that is very rare for me that mostly buys an item for $10 or below.

Pictures of So Good Jewelry

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

But Anyways, enough about the store and my "magical encounter". I will explain more on my post to New York. (I am still in the process of writing, I have a lot to say. So look for that sometime next week) But while I was away I could not forget about my "Cyber Friends". I thought of you too while I was away. I bought I coral cocktail ring that is adjustable to fit any size finger. I know your welcome in advance. :)

Here are the details of Giveaway:
You have to be/become a FAN of Fashion Without Guilt on our FACEBOOK or TWITTER to be eligible for the contest. And that is it. Just that simple.
The contest end March 17th. So please if you would like to win this ring from So Good Jewelry from NYC, please enter.

Fashion Without Guilt Giveaway

Fashion Without Guilt Giveaway

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fab Find-Black Round Hobo Bag From Windsor

Black Round Hobo Bag


For more details or to purchase, click on the item above

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-Blogging and Taxes

I came across this article written by SavvyBlogging regarding Blogging and Taxes. Tax time being around the corner, I thought this was a great article to share with you.

Blogging to society is considered a "hobby" until money is involved and then Uncle Sam wants his piece of the pie. So making sure that follow the correct tax guidelines here are the very informative articles from SavvyBlogging.

Disclaimer:This article and links are credited to Savvy Blogging.These are just links and suggestions for your personal tax expert. Neither Savvy Blogging not Fashion Without Guilt is claiming any knowledge of tax or government related activities.
Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christian Siriano Limited Edition Runway for Payless

Yes!!! My prayers have been answered. Some footwear is available from the Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Runway Collection on

After a out cry from the public to bring the actual designs from the runway to retail Siriano has now delivered what we have wanted all along. The pieces are limited edition so act fast. Their price point is $79.99. I never usually would consider paying that much for a pair of shoes but these are definitely a pair that need to be added to the category of "Timeless".

Christian Siriano Payless 2010 Spring Collection

Cut It Out Ankle Cuff Pump

Christian Siriano Payless 2010 Spring Collection

All Done Up Mary Jane Pump

Christian Siriano Payless 2010 Spring Collection

To the Point Printed Platform Pump

Photo Source:Payless

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best and Worst Dressed of Oscars 2010

Best and Worst Dressed of Oscars 2010

gabourey sidibe oscars 2010

Gorgeous!!! What more can you say? Perfect overall look.

meryl streep oscars 2010

Classy and Age appropriate. I would even wear this.
Take up the length of the dress and we have a deal.

nicole richie oscars 2010

LOVED!!! Great dress choice, makeup and hair were impeccable.
I want to be her. :)

Diane Kruger oscars 2010

Mrs. Kruger is one of my favorite red carpet fashionistas.
She always knows what, wear, and how to look astounding at all times.

Sandra Bullock oscars 2010

She looked like a Oscars. You cannot get anymore polished and perfect as this.

Kate Winslet oscars 2010

Was she attending a wedding reception or the Oscars?
With a body like that, what were you thinking?
There is nothing exciting about the structure of the dress,
the color, or anything for that matter.

Cameron Diaz oscars 2010

This dress choice was one of the WORST of the night.
Her body structure is not made for a dress like that.
She does not look comfortable or confident and
it was just a "no go" for me all the way around.

carey mulligan oscars 2010
Why? I know with shorter you should wear something dramatic around the face to draw attention, but come on this is just too much.

She is a young beautiful girl they should start dressing her like one.

Sarah Jessica Parker oscars 2010

I love SJP but this dress reminded me of the something that
she has already worn before. And furthermore, it was not flattering
for her body type and the hair was a train wreck.

Mariah Carey oscars 2010

Mariah trying to show off your thong pantyline is not very becoming.
Please take a step back from trying to be sexy and think
your look all the way through.

Photo Source:Fabsugar/SuperstarMag

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-Free Trips to Museum With Bank of America

Bank of America offers a great reward to all Bank of America cardholders. You gain access to any participating museum "free of charge" every first weekend of the month. The program is called "Museums On Us". You gain free general admission to your participating museum of choice. All you need to enter is your Bank of America Card and Valid Identification.

So all you Bank of America cardholders take advantage of your free trips to the museum.

Here are the dates for the remaining dates for the rest of the year and here is the direct information about "Museums on Us":
April 3rd & 4th
May 1st & 2nd
June 5th & 6th
July 3rd & 4th
August 7th & 8th
September 4th & 5th
*More 2010 dates to come.
Photo Source: Bank of America

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


fashion dpression,depression

Let me just start by saying that I am a little tired. I work at a Insurance Company were the dress code is not "strictly enforced" but we still are not able to wear what you would like. I am sitting here thinking "Wow. Breck you look horrible". I have really let myself go. My appearance is not what a "Affordable Fashionista Blogger" should look like. I am not sure where the train got off the tracks but it has been off for at least a year. I get up just in enough time to get ready, iron something really quick out of the closet and make it work. Frankly I am so tired of this routine, I could just scream. I am in "Fashion Depression" and I need some medicine STAT.

I have not been keeping up my appearance like I know I should. The same recycled outfits are covering my body week to week. Does anyone have this same depression as I? I give advice for Affordable Fashion and Style, then dress like I would need to be on "What NOT TO WEAR".

Enough is Enough I am taking back my style and appearance. I want to look a certain way, I know how but I am not investing enough in myself to make this happen. So I am taking a stand to against "Fashion Depression" once and for all. From this day forward I will like and feel like I want.

Here are my steps to make this action a reality:

1. Clean my closet- If I have not worn it in the past 6-8 months, it is time to say Goodbye.

2. Reselling Items- I want new clothes and what better way to get them is by getting some type of income for them.

3. Buy Carefully- A new season is approaching with new trends and goodness it time to start spring shopping again. But this year and from now on I am going to shop more carefully. Not by impulse but by thinking about the purchase and will I really wear or use the product that I am purchasing.

4. Respect Me- Your overall presence and presentation is a reflection of one's self. I do not want to look or feel this way anymore. I am going to Respect myself by taking the time necessary to make myself look and feel the way I truly want.

Is anyone with me? Share your comments and thoughts? Are you dealing with this too or have you ever dealt with this before?

Would you be interested in hearing about my progress?

Photo Source:Fashion-Res

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fab Find-Skirts From NY&Co. For $10

For more details or to purchase click on the items below.




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Monday, March 1, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-10 Things Millionaires Won't Tell You

Money, without it we are not able to enjoy the necessities in life, let alone the luxuries. Loving shopping and fashion as much as I do, I always have a passion for finance and building wealth. By building true wealth you have to be a conscious spender, according to Ramit Sethi of Iwillteachyoutoberich.

Aside from being a frugal/savvy shopper, I am concerned about building my wealth for years to come. You hear all these fancy terms and ways you should spend but sometimes I love hearing the real-life scenarios that separate the Poor from the Wealthy.

I came across this great article, "10 Things Millionaires Won't Tell You" and immediately a eagerness to see what the story was about. These are some very great points to adapt to your everyday life.

10 Things Millionaires Won't Tell You

“You may think I’m rich, but I don’t.” Real millionaires understand that 1 or 2 million will not take them through the next 30 years.

“I shop at Wal-Mart . . .” Most millionaires how they got there was by buying smart and saving money by clipping coupons. Not shopping at what I like to call "Boutique Supermarkets".

“. . . but I didn’t get rich by skimping on lattes.” Most millionaires,by statistics made their millionaires by being a entrepreneur, not skipping the Starbucks line.

“I have a concierge for everything.” Let's worry about a concierge when you make you millions, average folks can't afford that.

“You don’t get rich by being nice.” I agree with this 100%. Being nice will never get you to the top. You will have to say "no" and mean it. Walk away from things that are not profitable but at the end of the day always keep your integrity. Never burn any bridges but try to get to the top is a lonely road and lots of enemies will come.

Taxes are for little people.” Plainly put millionaires under taxes and file under capital vs. middle class because middle class is taxed 15% more than capital gain.

“I was a B student.” Clearly states that the straight "A" student is mostly likely not going to be your boss nor business owner, so that means there is hope for me. YYYIIIPPPEEE!!!

“Like my Ferrari? It’s a rental.” They do not spend money on things that are not of true value. Why buy when you can rent?.

“Turns out money can buy happiness.” Research shows that wealth does bring happiness. Roughly 65% of millionaires say that money “created” more happiness for them.

“You worry about the Joneses — I worry about keeping up with the Trumps.” What more can I say to that.

So let me know what you think? Do you Agree or DisAgree? Let me know your thoughts?

Photo Source: Changeyouractions

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