Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best and Worst Dressed of Oscars 2010

Best and Worst Dressed of Oscars 2010

gabourey sidibe oscars 2010

Gorgeous!!! What more can you say? Perfect overall look.

meryl streep oscars 2010

Classy and Age appropriate. I would even wear this.
Take up the length of the dress and we have a deal.

nicole richie oscars 2010

LOVED!!! Great dress choice, makeup and hair were impeccable.
I want to be her. :)

Diane Kruger oscars 2010

Mrs. Kruger is one of my favorite red carpet fashionistas.
She always knows what, wear, and how to look astounding at all times.

Sandra Bullock oscars 2010

She looked like a Oscars. You cannot get anymore polished and perfect as this.

Kate Winslet oscars 2010

Was she attending a wedding reception or the Oscars?
With a body like that, what were you thinking?
There is nothing exciting about the structure of the dress,
the color, or anything for that matter.

Cameron Diaz oscars 2010

This dress choice was one of the WORST of the night.
Her body structure is not made for a dress like that.
She does not look comfortable or confident and
it was just a "no go" for me all the way around.

carey mulligan oscars 2010
Why? I know with shorter you should wear something dramatic around the face to draw attention, but come on this is just too much.

She is a young beautiful girl they should start dressing her like one.

Sarah Jessica Parker oscars 2010

I love SJP but this dress reminded me of the something that
she has already worn before. And furthermore, it was not flattering
for her body type and the hair was a train wreck.

Mariah Carey oscars 2010

Mariah trying to show off your thong pantyline is not very becoming.
Please take a step back from trying to be sexy and think
your look all the way through.

Photo Source:Fabsugar/SuperstarMag

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