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Guest Post-If You Seek Style

If you Seek Style is a personal fashion diary of Caylee Marie. I would describe her style as a simplistic edge. Her choice of color palette are very neutral. White, Black, and Greys are her main colors of choice.I discovered her blog through a photo that she uploaded through her Chictopia profile.

I was most intrigued by her style because she is one of my personal "STYLE ICONS" in the blogosphere. What I enjoyed most about Caylee was her color choices. I am a very neutral color lover myself. Black being my most favorite. Caylee definitely knows how to a whole outfit together with looking what other would consider to be "Gothic". She has a nice edge will still have a great element of femininity. So I approached her to guest post on Fashion Without Guilt. She kindly accepted and she gives Fashion Without Guilt readers a look into some of her personal street style inspirations while still sharing some of her key places to shop on a budget.

If you seek style

Hi Fashion Without Guilt readers! I'm Caylee; I'm 23, live in Indianapolis, Indiana, I am a recent college grad working at H&M, and of course have my own little fashion/style blog, ifyouseekstyle.blogspot.com I was asked to do a guest post for Fashion Without Guilt (whom I love since I'm on a strict budget and therefore everything I wear is affordable!), and since the site is so kindly doing a post of their own on my personal style, and thought this would be a good opportunity for me to show you guys some of my inspiration in the form of street style photos.

My absolute favorite thing about fashion taking over the Internet is all of the personal style blogs and street style photos - everyday girls from around the world showcasing their outfits for all to see. You're hard pressed to find inspiration in a small Midwest city, so these blogs couldn't be better for someone like me, who two years ago struck an interest in fashion (versus just shopping and clothes in general) and used these street style shots to figure out my own personal aesthetic. My style grew to what it is today - always casual, comfortable, and chic with a rocker edge, a mix of tough and feminine, and maybe a little vintage inspiration thrown in. I loved style blogs so much that I had to start my own blog! It's been really great and I hope to continue contributing for a long time.

The photo collage here contains some of my favorite street style looks at the moment, and I'll go through them one by one.

1)The first look is the perfect casual chic outfit, and I am all about the denim shirt; they're so versatile. I wear this look to work all of the time since it's not only easy, but comfortable, a big must when you work in fast-paced retail.

2)This is my idea of THE perfect outfit. I'm a huge fan black clothing (my favorite color), and stripes are always stylish. Again, I've worn this outfit multiple times. Could be why I love it so much ;)

3)Oversized black coats are my ultimate winter outwear, and dressing up all black with a neutral colored scarf is a great way to add color. I'd do a leopard print scarf here too.

4)White shirt, fur vest (I have this exact one), and skinny black pants - all are three essentials in my book that happen to look incredible together too.

5)Leather motorcycle jackets have been popular for a while now, and they don't seem to be going anywhere. I can see why - they are perfect over everything and that must needed touch of edgyness I crave.

6)My biggest fashion obsession right now is leopard print and oversized cardigans, and I've been looking a combination of those two ideals for months now. Here's to hoping I find one like hers soon!

7)Again with the oversized cardigans. Who wouldn't love something so stylish yet comfy? Great with shorts in warmer weather too.

8)The long and lean maxi dress silhouette is not something you would normally think would work in the winter, but it's been seen on bloggers everywhere and I can't think of anything prettier right now. Adding a black maxi to my wishlist!

9)Throwing a denim vest over your leather jacket has also been around for a while, but it is just so darn cool that I can't help but still love it. You can always update like she did with a graphic tee and booties.

10)Last but certainly not least.....ahhhh pants are taking over the fashion world right now. A tailored pair in black with cuffed hems is on my current wishlist too. Especially love that they show off yours shoes.

Hope you guys enjoyed my favorite street style looks of the moment and were inspired as much as I am by them.

See you around!

Photo Source: collage made by caylee; image sources: mr. newton, linn gustafsson, columbine smille, natalie off duty, mr. newton, alice point, the haute pursuit, columbine smille, le blog de betty, nana in wonderland.

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Blogger Nina said...

A guest post is a great idea! I love how Caylee explained every single outfit! :)

February 24, 2010 at 9:42 AM  

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