Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen Committed Suicide at Age 40

As most of us have heard, Alexander McQueen has committed suicide at the age of 40. This is a true tragedy. This comes after his mother's death that happened last week. It appears that he may have hung himself.

McQueen was set to premiere line McQ later this afternoon at New York Fashion Week. It has been cancelled.

Alexander McQueen was considered somewhat of a "Bad Boy" of fashion. His career was launched when Isabella Blow discovered him and bought his whole collection from his graduate show for 5,000 euros.

She committed suicide herself May 2007 by ingesting weedkiller. Reports were said that there relationship was strained when McQueen catapulted to success and Blow felt somewhat left behind.

Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen

Celebrities like Lady Gaga in the "Bad Romance" is featured in one of his most recent famous creations, The Armadillo Shoe.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Video


Photo/Media Sources: Wikipedia, Mail OnlineUK, StyleHog

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