Monday, January 25, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday- Makeup Repair Tips to Save You Money

Fashion and Beauty go hand in hand. Makeup is the next step to finishing your overall look. Whether it be just a gloss to the lips, a basic liner, or bronzer on the cheeks; Makeup is very important.

Makeup is very different than fashion in some ways. With fashion you can have a certain item and you are able to wear it until "the cows come home". In other words, you never have to get rid of it. With makeup that is a different story. The shelf life of makeup is nowhere near close to an item of clothing in your closet.

So Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog is giving you tips to save money by fixing some of your true makeup challenges.

Salvaging Dried Up Nail Polish

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Ladies, we have all had a good nail polish go to waste. Either you let your little sister borrow it and she left the top off or you have just used it too many times.

Karen recommends three products to thin your cakey nail polish:

1. A thinner-It contains Acetone. Karen states that this has the best results. You can typically find this in a beauty supply store. Just a few drops will do. But there are other alternatives.

2. Nail Polish Remover-Everyone has this laying around the house. Again, just a few drops and shake for 2 minutes and you get a few more nice polishes out of you cakey polish.

3. Rubbing Alcohol- This is last alternative. It does not have the best results but it surely does the job.

Smoothing Cracked Powder Makeup

saving powder makeup,makeup tips,karen,makeup and beauty blog

By dropping 3-5 drops of rubbing alcohol into the compact or pan and crushing and smoothing the makeup, it come together to somewhat solid. You will have something solid versus pieces of your makeup that you still wish you could wear.

Saving Your Flimsy Makeup Brushes

saving old makeup brushes,makeup tips,karen,makeup and beauty blog

Had a great brush that just felt like it was falling apart. You can now save it. By having a simple jewelry crimping tool, you can have a old brush back like new. Just squeeze together the top region closest to the bristles and hold tightly.

I hope these makeup tips were useful. Check out Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog for Great Makeup and Cosmetic Review and Products.

Photos Courtesy: Makeup and Beauty Blog

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