Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-Ways to Earn More Money

Did anyone get the message that it is already 2010. Where did time go!!! But no use crying over split milk. 2010 is here and now it's time to get in gear. LOL that rhymed. Here are some "GOALS" for 2010, not only for my blog and personally but financially too.

The end of last year my finances were not on track. I know Christmas and Birthdays but I was not being as responsible as I should. So this year I am putting myself on a "Money Rehab". I am trying not spend anymore until I make money from what I am not using. What I mean by that is,taking inventory of things in my home that are not being used (i.e. clothing, electronics, and anything else that can be up for sale).

So I will soon be posting items of clothing on Fashion Without Guilt that I am selling. And the sad part about is that, alot of the clothes I have not even worn yet. I know SHAME ON ME. :(

But for all of you out there with this same dilemma, here are some good options for making extra money from items that are not being used.

1. Reselling Sites-Ebay,Ecrater, and Craigslist are some of the most popular sites to post your new or gently used goods for profit.

2. Blogging-If many of you already have a blog, it would be smart to maybe post some of your items for sale. But please but cautious of this, I have a affordable fashion blog. If your blog is not geared towards fashion or something relevant to what you are selling, I recommend you making a completely new blog and linking the two.

3. Social Networks-In this day and age I think everyone has some type of social network log in. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or (if you still have one) Myspace. Try post your items for sale on your pages. You might have others that are in such of some new things.

But the main goal is to use what you have to make money. With doing this you are able to save more, buy something of leisure that you want, and have a clearer state of mind and house.

Are any of you planning on implementing this for a new source of 2010 INCOME?

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Blogger M. said...

great idea for a post, everyone needs help making money!

lovelove, M.

January 13, 2010 at 9:45 PM  

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