Monday, January 4, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-2010 Goals

Hello out there if you haven't heard it's 2010. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And now we all scramble to make these "resolutions" that we never end up keeping. We start the year with great momentum and slowing die down with time.

So I don't want to call anything a "resolution" let's call them GOALS. Have you had anything that has been on the "to do-list" for the past five months, now it's time to take it off the shelf. Start taking action today, don't let it linger another five months.

Here are some of my "GOALS" that I have for Fashion Without Guilt and personally.

1. FWG-I am going to become more consistent on my post. I work a full time job in Insurance and trying to come up with good content to write on a daily can get difficult but I owe it to all of you to show my true passion and dedication for Fashion Without Guilt.

2. FWG-I want to show you a little of who I am too. I will soon be posting audio clips. Just to let you all know what I am thinking and get your feedback.

3. FWG-In the coming months I would like to give Fashion Without Guilt a facelift. The look and features will be completely different. That is in the works.

4. Personally-I am making a rule for myself. I am only going to be clothing from the money I accrue from my previous purchase. I am doing a Winter Cleaning and getting rid of everything that I absolutely know that I am not going to use anymore and SELL IT. I have tags on this that I haven't worn or do not plan on wearing again. I will be posting some of my pieces from my closet so stay tuned.

So now that I have shared with you some GOALS for the NEW YEAR, what are some things you would like to accomplish this year? It can be any type of GOAL feel free to say Anything.

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Blogger Friend in Fashion said...

Great list - happy new year! :) I'll get my article to you very shortly!

January 4, 2010 at 10:40 PM  

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