Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010-Best and Worst Dressed

Where do I begin? I was not inspired by the Golden Globes at all this year. I was bored with all the black, ill-fits, and over structured dresses. I have watched every Fashion Police show out there and I have tried to really find some excitement and it has not happened.

Drew Barrymore to me is the only celebrity actress that took a risk and still stood true to the Hollywood Glamour. As for everyone else, they were a true disappointment.

Here are my Best Dressed (and I mean that lightly) from the Golden Globes:

Golden Globes Best Dressed 2010

Drew Barrymore: What is there not to love about this dress. It is dramatic, romantic, and elegant all in one swipe. Alot of people were not too thrilled with the hip accents but I thought it was something different and after all, it's Drew Barrymore she can pull this off.

Jennifer Aniston: She looks stunning in the color of the season. Nice cut and still very sexy but not over stated.

Anna Paquin: I thought she was the only person other than Drew Barrymore that really got it right. She was on trend with sequins and shine but still kept true to her style. She looked comfortable and stylish and she was not trying to hard to be glamorous, she just was.

Halle Berry: Need I say more. She is in a 40's with a body like that, she can wear anything. But most of all she showed sexy and class. There was cleavage but not enough to distract you from the overall look. I want to be Halle when I get to my 40's.

Penelope Cruz: She looked ravishing. Her hair, makeup, and dress were impeccable. She was a Spanish statue. The overall look spoke for itself. And she was the only one with stay in place hair even though there was down pour rain.

Now for the BAD and VERY BAD, The Worst Dressed of Golden Globes:

Golden Globes Worst Dressed

Fergie: She looks Horrid. Her cleavage is under her chin, she is in a prom dress, and her hair and makeup is just unspeakable. She needed not straps on the dress and a nice elegant ponytails or up off the necks style.

Sandra Bullock: The dress looked like something from a bad bridal shop. The fabric was to shiny and it is a very wrinkle worthy fabric. Her dress looked very cheap and unelegant. (If that is a word) But her hair and makeup is flawless. I wish the dress matched up.

Hiedi Klum: She is a draped purple tortilla. The off the shoulders were dated and the dress was just a NO NO. I really can't explain it, it's Wrong.

Julia Roberts: Is she going to lunch or the Golden Globes. She looks like she did not even try. You have to be "true to Yourself" but this was not appropriate. I think she needed to not even attend.

Cameron Diaz: Did she just wake up and forget the it was the Golden Globes. No earrings or jewelry. She has a very straight body frame and she wears a dress that does not show anything flattering to her figure. She needs to wake up early next time and accessorize.

Photo Courtesy:Popsugar

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