Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bandage/Bodycon Mini Dresses Under $40

I consider myself to be a Classy Lady. But as women we still would like to look and feel sexy. So when Herver Leger came out with the style of the Bandage Dress, I had died and went to heaven. He made a dress that every woman from young to old want to have in there closet in every color. But yet again, not having almost $2000 to spend on one dress, I will settle for the just as good re-makes.

Bandage/Bodycon mini dresses

Here are some way how to wear how to wear a Bandage/Bodycon Mini Dress:

1. The Dress by Itself- Wearing this type of dress is pretty ballsy move because it hides no flaws. So if you have on a more opaque color and bright colored undergarments they will show. So just make sure before you have left the house you have done a once over of your whole look. You do not want to be on the FASHION POLICE LIST.

2. Wearing something over- As pictured above, my two ladies of example are wearing something over their dress. Pairing a nice blazer or oversize sweater is always way to ensure that you are properly covered while still showing some sexy.

3. Wearing the dress as a garment- You can completely change the look of a bodycon dress by just added another garment. Putting a shirt over the dress can easily turn it into a cute skirt. And placing a skirt or pants over the bottom of the dress can turn this into a cute and casual "Instant Shirt".

So if you are a lover of these dresses like I am, Please check out some of the dresses that are under $40.

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For more details or to purchase, please click on the items below.

Photo Courtesy: Chictopia

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Blogger C. said...

what a great post! Love body con dresses

xo, C

January 15, 2010 at 4:55 PM  

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