Friday, October 30, 2009

Forever 21 Inspired Fashion Looks

michael jackson forever 21

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grunge forever 21

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pop star forever 21

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Photo Credit: The Skinny

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inspiration-Draped Silhouettes Under $40

Draped Silhouettes are a classic trend that has transcended through time. The grecian inspired garment is a modernized remake of the toga. Draping is a great way to create illusion to a womans body to hide some unwanted imperfections. In the September Issue of Instyle Magazine, they gave some great examples to take the inspiration from runway to real life. Below are some great alternative for less.

draped skirt and dresses,runway

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Photo Credit: Instyle Magazine/September

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miss Selfridge Sale Items

Miss Selfridge is a European clothing retailer. They are similar to Asos with their "look for less" replicated fashions. The pricing on their site is in Euros. So I have site that can convert euros to American dollars. They accept payments through paypal and ship to the United States.

If you want quality and a break from your usual everyday online stores, please check out Miss Selfridge. Some items are a little pricey but over all they have a affordable price point.

I have selected some of their sale items and placed the dollar amount converted from euros.
*I tried to set a link to each of the items but I am not sure why they were not working.

To Purchase, please click on the black and pink below.

miss selfridge sale items

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Trendspotting-Shoulder Pads Under $90

Big Shoulders are back and in full effect. I remember all of my mother shoulder pads shirts and dresses. I thought they were the most god forsaken fashion choice. Having something perched right on my shoulder to give the illusion of a women linebacker. NOT!!!

But one day I had a true awaking, I NOW LOVE SHOULDER PADS. I dont what changed for me, but the silhouette of the body with the outward tails of shoulder pads is a divine combination. I now want blazers, dresses, shirts with shoulder pads.

A great to achieve this look for less is checking your local thrift shops for some vintage finds.

trendspotting-shoulder pads

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Photo Credit: Chictopia

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Frugal Tip Monday-Shopping for Christmas Early

I know. I know. Christmas? Why are you even talking about that yet. In reality it is already November. Shopping now is one way to eliminate overspending and the last minute rush. Other than some deals that surface on Black Friday prices for the most part stay the same. Unless they are handing out Free Wiis in front of Wal-Mart you will expect to pay around the price that is listed now.

Here are some tips to make your Christmas shopping this year a little less stressful:

  • Make a List-making a list is a great way to see on paper what you try to spend. When composing this list put price points beside each item and total them. This will give you a rough estimate of how much you are looking to spend this season.

  • Check for deals: Online/Papers-Scouting out deals are a great way to save. Comparison shopping is a great way to exact the best deal for your buck.

  • Budget-Having a set number in place can eliminate the urge to indulge. Paying cash only will really set a visual of what is left to spend. So please make sure you have a number that you will not exceed

Those are just some things that I have found useful for this upcoming shopping season.

Are you going to shop early this year?

Photo Credit: My Everything Blog

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Technical Difficulties

Hello. I just wanted to let everyone know that the items we have listed on my site from Forever 21 are showing that they are sold out. This is a technical error on behalf of Shopstyle. Please bare with us while these problems are trying to be resolved.

Please feel free to still click on the items because the links are still active they are just displaying that the items is not available.

Thank you for all your cooperation.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trendspotting-Ornament Headbands

Headbands are a great way to accessorize and add character to your ensemble. Just your basic headband will not do anymore, the ornament headband is here to stay. I enjoy the different styles, there is one for every girl. You have everything from the inner flower child to the sophisticated lady. So whatever your style will be there is a headband with your name on it.

Ornament Headbands

For more details or to purchase, click on the items below.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beauty Box-E.L.F Cosmetics Free 27-pc Mini Makeup Kit with Any Purchase

FREE 27-pc Mini Makeup Kit with purchase! Use code

Eyes Lips and Face is what Forever 21 is to makeup. They provide great quality with a low price point. I came across E.L.F by word of mouth from a friend of mine. I have purchased their makeup and nail polish. For the price of $1 the quality is exceptional.

Eyes Lip and Face is offering a fabulous month promotion. With ANY (I mean any) purchase from Eyes Lips and Face you will receive the Mini Makeup Kit absolutely free. Click on the banners to make your purchase.

Free 27-Pc Mini Makeup Kit
Receive a FREE 27-pc mini makeup kit with ANY purchase at! Free kit includes:
-9 eyeshadow shades
-1 cream eyeshadow shade
-1 blush
-1 bronzer
-10 lip gloss shades
-1 brow powder
-1 eye liner pencil
-1 dual ended eyeshadow applicator and brush
-1 face brush
-1 lip brush

FREE 27-pc Mini Makeup Kit with purchase! Use code

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Trendspotting-Circle/Infinity Scarf

This is a in genius idea. Whoever came up with the creation is smart beyond their years. Wearing a scarf "to me" is a difficult task. Trying to position and wrap the scarf always leaves me in a state of bondage. (and it's nowhere near sexy)

So again "for me" it eliminates all the construction of scarf drapery. It is very simple, if you would like the scarf to hang low just place around your neck. If you would like volume and complexity just "Wrap and Go". In the picture there are some examples of how it can be transformed into more than just a scarf.

I would personally recommend everyone at least purchase one for the fall season. Stick with a neutral color so that it will be able to transcend over your wardrobe.

For more details or to purchase, please click on the items below

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seen In Action-Whitney Port TopShop Tyrant Stud Lace Up Shoe

Whitney Port by far is one of my favorite fashionista of all time. Her style has just the right mix of classic yet some trendworthy looks. I am a huge fan of "THE CITY". I love to watch and see the new elements of fashion that only they can give. This edition of Seen In Action is showcasing the Tyrant shoe by TopShop.

The sneaker/skipper has a great edge with the studded accents. For ONLY $40 they can be yours. I COVET THEM HARD!!! I am glad they are so affordable. They are now only avaliable in the purple and white.

Whitney Port TopShop Tyrant Lace Up Shoe

For more details or to purchase, please click on the item below

TopShop Tyrant Lace Up Shoes $40

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trendspotting-Fall Boots

Fall Footwear is one of my favorite elements of this season. Fall boot trends ranging from over-the-knee to a cute ankle boot there are styles for everyone. Some great fashionistas over at Chictopia have demonstrated the fall footwear done right. Pairing knee high socks or stocking is a great way to transition from summer to fall.

fall boots

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save Vs.Splurge-CC Skye Deco Cuff

CC Skye Deco Cuff


Forever 21 Lacquered Jewel Pull Bracelet


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Monday, October 5, 2009

Look For Less-Rihanna

What can she do wrong? Nothing. Rihanna's sense of style is off the charts. The bustier with the extra flowy harem pant is a great merge of fall fashion. I am seeing a trend of intimates/lingerie being worn as garments. Rihanna's take no prisoners approach to style is something that I admire and truly respect. Being able to bring across a certain sense of self through your wardrobe is priceless.

Look for Less: Rihanna

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

TopShop Favorites Under $50

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inspiration- Dolman Sleeve Styles for Under $25

The Dolman sleeve is created with a loose drpaery that is draped under the pit of the arm. It was a "batwing" look to the sleeves. This style is a great item for any women's wardrobe, it leads the eye away from the body. The dolman is great for comfort and figure friendly.

Summer clasics

Gray and Black


For more details or to purchase, click on the items below

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