Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look For Less-Ashley Olsen Tommy Hilfiger 2010 NYFW

Ashley Olsen can never do anything wrong in my eyes. Her fashion aesthetic is one of my personal favorites. She has such a classic, elegance about her while still a child like innocence.

Her recent wardrobe choice for the Tommy Hilfiger 2010 Fall Fashion Show was my absolute favorite. The simplicity of the over all ensemble with the hint of lavish accessories was the perfect combination of effortless chic done so right.

Like the book by Dr. Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham" I would wear this on a plane, I would wear in car, I would wear it everywhere. Ashley Olsen has yet again stole my heart and shows that fashion can be basic and still "extremely chic".

For more details or to purchase, please click the items below

Photo Source:Zimbio

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion Without Guilt Jewelry Giveaway

As you have recently saw I went to NY for Fashion Bloggers Conference that were being held. I had a day to myself to sight see and just explore what NYC has to offer. My hotel was just a couple of steps from Canal Street. Canal Street is the mecca for all you "knockoff accessories". If you want it, it is there on Canal Street vendor after vendor with whatever you heart's desire.

I some how made my into Soho and came across every woman's dream accessories depot, So Good Jewelry. Once I entered the store my feet left the floor (like in Willy Wonka Movie) and I went mad. I picked up everything I saw and wanted within my reach. As I would look at the price tags I was even more in shock because the prices are what every "Frugal Fashionista" hopes to one day encounter. The quality of the jewelry was impeccable. Mostly everything that I picked up was $4.99. Let's just say I spent a Benjamin Franklin without batting a eyelash and was completely satisfied. And that is very rare for me that mostly buys an item for $10 or below.

Pictures of So Good Jewelry

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

So Good Jewelry in New York Soho

But Anyways, enough about the store and my "magical encounter". I will explain more on my post to New York. (I am still in the process of writing, I have a lot to say. So look for that sometime next week) But while I was away I could not forget about my "Cyber Friends". I thought of you too while I was away. I bought I coral cocktail ring that is adjustable to fit any size finger. I know your welcome in advance. :)

Here are the details of Giveaway:
You have to be/become a FAN of Fashion Without Guilt on our FACEBOOK or TWITTER to be eligible for the contest. And that is it. Just that simple.
The contest end March 17th. So please if you would like to win this ring from So Good Jewelry from NYC, please enter.

Fashion Without Guilt Giveaway

Fashion Without Guilt Giveaway

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Forever 21 Swimwear Collection-Beauty and The Beach

Summertime is almost here and Forever 21 has already issued there LookBook for the 2010 Swimwear Collection "Beauty and The Beach". The collection is avaliable on on March 1st. As you know there prices will always stay true to "High Quality, Low Price" mantra.

So what is your favorite Style of Swimwear?

forever 21 swimwear collection 2010

forever 21 swimwear collection 2010

Photo Source:The Skinny

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Post-If You Seek Style

If you Seek Style is a personal fashion diary of Caylee Marie. I would describe her style as a simplistic edge. Her choice of color palette are very neutral. White, Black, and Greys are her main colors of choice.I discovered her blog through a photo that she uploaded through her Chictopia profile.

I was most intrigued by her style because she is one of my personal "STYLE ICONS" in the blogosphere. What I enjoyed most about Caylee was her color choices. I am a very neutral color lover myself. Black being my most favorite. Caylee definitely knows how to a whole outfit together with looking what other would consider to be "Gothic". She has a nice edge will still have a great element of femininity. So I approached her to guest post on Fashion Without Guilt. She kindly accepted and she gives Fashion Without Guilt readers a look into some of her personal street style inspirations while still sharing some of her key places to shop on a budget.

If you seek style

Hi Fashion Without Guilt readers! I'm Caylee; I'm 23, live in Indianapolis, Indiana, I am a recent college grad working at H&M, and of course have my own little fashion/style blog, I was asked to do a guest post for Fashion Without Guilt (whom I love since I'm on a strict budget and therefore everything I wear is affordable!), and since the site is so kindly doing a post of their own on my personal style, and thought this would be a good opportunity for me to show you guys some of my inspiration in the form of street style photos.

My absolute favorite thing about fashion taking over the Internet is all of the personal style blogs and street style photos - everyday girls from around the world showcasing their outfits for all to see. You're hard pressed to find inspiration in a small Midwest city, so these blogs couldn't be better for someone like me, who two years ago struck an interest in fashion (versus just shopping and clothes in general) and used these street style shots to figure out my own personal aesthetic. My style grew to what it is today - always casual, comfortable, and chic with a rocker edge, a mix of tough and feminine, and maybe a little vintage inspiration thrown in. I loved style blogs so much that I had to start my own blog! It's been really great and I hope to continue contributing for a long time.

The photo collage here contains some of my favorite street style looks at the moment, and I'll go through them one by one.

1)The first look is the perfect casual chic outfit, and I am all about the denim shirt; they're so versatile. I wear this look to work all of the time since it's not only easy, but comfortable, a big must when you work in fast-paced retail.

2)This is my idea of THE perfect outfit. I'm a huge fan black clothing (my favorite color), and stripes are always stylish. Again, I've worn this outfit multiple times. Could be why I love it so much ;)

3)Oversized black coats are my ultimate winter outwear, and dressing up all black with a neutral colored scarf is a great way to add color. I'd do a leopard print scarf here too.

4)White shirt, fur vest (I have this exact one), and skinny black pants - all are three essentials in my book that happen to look incredible together too.

5)Leather motorcycle jackets have been popular for a while now, and they don't seem to be going anywhere. I can see why - they are perfect over everything and that must needed touch of edgyness I crave.

6)My biggest fashion obsession right now is leopard print and oversized cardigans, and I've been looking a combination of those two ideals for months now. Here's to hoping I find one like hers soon!

7)Again with the oversized cardigans. Who wouldn't love something so stylish yet comfy? Great with shorts in warmer weather too.

8)The long and lean maxi dress silhouette is not something you would normally think would work in the winter, but it's been seen on bloggers everywhere and I can't think of anything prettier right now. Adding a black maxi to my wishlist!

9)Throwing a denim vest over your leather jacket has also been around for a while, but it is just so darn cool that I can't help but still love it. You can always update like she did with a graphic tee and booties.

10)Last but certainly not least.....ahhhh pants are taking over the fashion world right now. A tailored pair in black with cuffed hems is on my current wishlist too. Especially love that they show off yours shoes.

Hope you guys enjoyed my favorite street style looks of the moment and were inspired as much as I am by them.

See you around!

Photo Source: collage made by caylee; image sources: mr. newton, linn gustafsson, columbine smille, natalie off duty, mr. newton, alice point, the haute pursuit, columbine smille, le blog de betty, nana in wonderland.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fab Find-Shape Fx Shoulder Pad Bra

I was reading People Style Watch Dec.09/Jan.10 and came across a great fashion find from Shape FX. What a great invention, a bra with shoulder pads. You have the best of both worlds.

Shoulder Pads are making a very strong comeback, so what better way to be on trend. It is only $29.00. Sizes range from 32A-38C.

So if you are looking for a little subtle shoulder drama while still having great support the shoulder pad bra from Shape Fx is the Great Fab Find For You.

Photo Source: ShapeFX

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Trendspotting-Wearing Lingerie as Outerwear

lingerie as oterwear,forever 21,topshop,sweet pea Wearing Lingerie as Outerwear done right, to me is a fun play on sexuality and fashion.
Spring season is steadily approaching and I am already thinking of some fun ways to revamp my "style persona".

Why should lingerie only be worn for late night rendezvous for only the men to see. It is now time to show off our undergarments for everyone to see. (I know I sound like I want to walk out in a see through teddy.)

Lingerie worn the right way is ubberly sexy and fun. As pictured Johanna, from has a high waisted pencil skirt, blazer, and layered necklaces displayed the bra as a top rather than a something that should be worn to bed.

I know some ladies are not that bold to show off their mid-section and completely expose themselves. If you are a more reserved fashionista such as myself, wearing something see thorough is little more your speed.
Wearing a nice sheer button up shirt would be great to still be able to show off your garments without feeling completely naked. And wearing a nice loose fitting tank top in the summer is also another great way to pull this look off.

But please be careful if you are going to wear a bra as a garment make sure the material and structure is correct. Never go for anything sheer. You can have a nipple slip without ever knowing. And please make sure you have the correct size bra, nothing needs to have the possibility of falling out and being exposed.

So all you ladies that have thought about showing off bras, I say open those shirts and let those puppies breathe. LOL!!!

Below are some choices in some playful yet feminine bras that can easily be worn as garments.

And I have to ask are any of you FOR or AGAINST this TREND?

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poll-My trip to NEW YORK CITY

I have finally made it home. I am extremely tired but truly inspired by my trip. I met some absolutely amazing people and learned so much personally and professionally. Before I put together my post, I want to ask you a few questions on what are looking forward to seeing in the post.

I attended Chictopia10 And Independent Fashion Bloggers Conferences, did you want me to share some of the information that I learned from these events.

Please let me know on the poll below what you are most interested to see about my trip and leave some comments on what exact information you would like me to share from the bloggers conference.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am in New York City for Fashion Week. I am attending Chictopia 10 and Independent Fashion Blogger Social Influence Conferences. I have been extremely busy for the preparation of my trip and that has contributed to the lack of post.

I will have Pictures and Video of my trip and all of my adventures, so please stay tuned.

Love you all and can't wait to share my experience with all of you.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen Committed Suicide at Age 40

As most of us have heard, Alexander McQueen has committed suicide at the age of 40. This is a true tragedy. This comes after his mother's death that happened last week. It appears that he may have hung himself.

McQueen was set to premiere line McQ later this afternoon at New York Fashion Week. It has been cancelled.

Alexander McQueen was considered somewhat of a "Bad Boy" of fashion. His career was launched when Isabella Blow discovered him and bought his whole collection from his graduate show for 5,000 euros.

She committed suicide herself May 2007 by ingesting weedkiller. Reports were said that there relationship was strained when McQueen catapulted to success and Blow felt somewhat left behind.

Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen

Celebrities like Lady Gaga in the "Bad Romance" is featured in one of his most recent famous creations, The Armadillo Shoe.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Video


Photo/Media Sources: Wikipedia, Mail OnlineUK, StyleHog

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guest Post-Friend in Fashion

I recently approached some fashion bloggers that I personally admire. I approached Jasmin of Friend In Fashion and she gladly obliged.

I chose Jasmin to guest post for Fashion Without Guilt because I loved her feminine and fun fashion personality while still keeping affordability in mind.

Friend in Fashion is a blog that features great fashion ideas and moderately priced independent fashion designers.

Fashion Without Guilt asked Jasmin, What is shopping philosophy, I know you are affordable but how do you view fashion?

Jasmin: I guess for me shopping is a bit of a release, its my avenue to be creative, to escape reality and admire the designs and creativity of designers. Fashion to me is one of the ultimate forms of self expression. It is a visual forum to display exactly who you are, how your feeling at any given point in time, the things you like and that which inspires you.

For her guest post, Jasmin shares some of her retail secrets to "stretching your FASHION DOLLAR".

Please Check out My Friend In Fashion :)

I was thrilled when I was asked to contribute to Fashion Without Guilt, as much of my style philosophy is centered on ways of getting more mileage from your fashion dollar.

With this in mind, I thought I would share my 5 tips to shopping retail.

1. The best way to look stylish and fashion forward without spending the earth is to know where to shop and what to shop for. A combination of new and vintage clothing and accessories will allow you to grow your wardrobe inexpensively to create a diverse and fashionable collection.

2. When shopping retail, I generally opt for chain stores, some of my regular retail hotspots include: Target, Forever 21 and Cotton On (in Australia). You will find that the stock in these stores will reflect current fashion trends at a more affordable price point. You will generally also find a lot of variety in these stores, catering to a range of different tastes.

3. Do your research - An educated shopper will always walk away with the best bargains.

* Know when the sales cycles are and keep an eye out for times when retail outlets need to clear floor stock- i.e. end of financial year, change of seasons.

* Find out how often your favourite stores deliver new stock and how quickly your size sells out. If you know your size never sells, wait until stock goes on sale before purchasing.

* Think DIY – sometimes stock will be reduced, because a button is missing, or a hem is loose– use this to your advantage, pick up a bargain and inject your own handy work into your fashion.

4. Build strong foundations - fill your wardrobe with good basics that you can build upon. A white shirt, a pair of good fitting jeans, tights, tank tops and a black dress form a great base. You’d be amazed at just how many stylish combinations you can get out of these fashion must-haves.

5. Mix and match - I absolutely adore vintage dressing, so I love incorporating vintage finds with store bought pieces to create a truly unique, and affordable look. If you are new to vintage shopping and not confident in pulling together a vintage outfit, take small steps and start by updating one of your favourite outfits with vintage accessories, brooches, necklaces, belts or bags.

And finally, the most important thing about fashion in my opinion is to have fun expressing your personal style – you need to feel comfortable, and don’t be afraid to inject your own personality!

Your Friend in Fashion

Photo Courtesy: Friend in Fashion

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Deals From Fashion Without Guilt

Great Deals courtesy of Cheapalicious

E.L.F: Free mineral bronzer with $15 purchase! Use code GLOWING through 2/28

Sally Beauty : Buy 5 Get 1 Free Sally Girl Products. Coupon code: 444440. Expires2-28-10

Delia's: Free Shipping On dELiA*s Orders Over $25 with code FREE25D. Offer ends 2.04.10.

Lane Bryant: $25 off $75 or more purchase. Expires 2-28-10

Payless: 15% off your purchase. Expires 2-28-10

Rack Room Shoes: 20% off your purchase. Expires 2-8-10

Ulta: 20% off any one item. Expires 2-28-10

Chinese Laundry: 25% off all shoes and boots. Coupon code: WINTER25. Expires 2-5-10

Alloy: $20 off $75 or more purchase. Coupon code: 2075A. Expires 2-4-10

CVS: 20% off everything. Coupon code: FEB20. Expires 2-3-10

Torrid: 10% off any order. Coupon code: 10OFFTD21. Expires 2-28-10

Ann Taylor Loft: 20% off your order. Coupon code: 20SAVE. Expires 2-28-10

Tilly's: 10% off all watches. Coupon code: VDAY10. Expires 2-22-10 15% off your order. Coupon code: CUPID. Expires 2-28-10

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