Monday, October 19, 2009

Frugal Tip Monday-Shopping for Christmas Early

I know. I know. Christmas? Why are you even talking about that yet. In reality it is already November. Shopping now is one way to eliminate overspending and the last minute rush. Other than some deals that surface on Black Friday prices for the most part stay the same. Unless they are handing out Free Wiis in front of Wal-Mart you will expect to pay around the price that is listed now.

Here are some tips to make your Christmas shopping this year a little less stressful:

  • Make a List-making a list is a great way to see on paper what you try to spend. When composing this list put price points beside each item and total them. This will give you a rough estimate of how much you are looking to spend this season.

  • Check for deals: Online/Papers-Scouting out deals are a great way to save. Comparison shopping is a great way to exact the best deal for your buck.

  • Budget-Having a set number in place can eliminate the urge to indulge. Paying cash only will really set a visual of what is left to spend. So please make sure you have a number that you will not exceed

Those are just some things that I have found useful for this upcoming shopping season.

Are you going to shop early this year?

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