Monday, April 12, 2010

Frugal Tip Monday-How to Say "I Do" on A Budget


DailyWorth knows how to find a solution to all my finance related dilemmas. Recently DailyWorth, wrote an article about having a Affordable Wedding. This was a dream come true because I have always felt that you did not have to pay the amount of a house down payment to have a nice wedding.

I am not engaged to be married or necessarily thinking of marriage just yet but when that day does arise I have said to myself on many occassions"I want to see how affordable I can make my special day without minusing luxury and quality". As DailyWorth says "Your guests will remember your vows and how great the party was," says Lori, a DW reader. "No one remembers how expensive your pew decorations were or whether you had designer shoes!" Amen to that.

Finding a beautiful wedding gown is key but spending almost $3000 or more on something that you are going to wear for only maybe a hour is quite ridiculous, especially if you cannot afford it. Finding a nice dress that can transition from your wedding ceremony and to the reception is a another great way to save money. Having two and three dresses is truly a unnecessary expense.

And another way in my mind of cutting cost but still having a fabulous day is if you want a beach wedding renting a beach house, big enough to accomodate you and your guests. I do not plan on having a lot of guest at my wedding. I want something more intimate and cost effective. If you rent a house, that is waterfront you can have the wedding right in your backyard. And following the reception, it could be held in the lower level of the home. Two for the price of one, you can't beat that.

Here are the tips from DailyWorth to have a Affordable Wedding:

-Swap. Ask friends to do your flowers, wedding album, hair, makeup, music, etc., in lieu of a gift.

-Substitute. Wear a white cocktail dress; have a tapas party instead of a dinner; get married on Friday.

-Track costs. Planning takes months, so monitor spending in a Google doc shared with your mate or parents.

-DIY. Whatever you can, from invites to hors d'oeuvres.

And this a wedding budget worksheet to help track you spending.

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