Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion Resource-StyleCaster.com

StyleCaster is one of my favorite daily reads. From fashion tips, to a daily newsletter delivered in your inbox, with the current weather of the day and models displaying outfits choices to suit the climate. What more can you ask for? It is almost like a virtual stylist. But that is not all that StyleCaster has to offer.

They also have great gallery of vidoes ranging from beauty, fashion, and daily celebrity news. I recently watched a "how-to" video to perfectly apply bronzer. And the tips were excellent. I now understand how to apply bronzer to the "key areas" of the face. And if you would like to share these videos with others, they have a easy html embed code or Twitter/Facebook share options.

But wait there is more, they are also a Social Fashion Community. You are able to create a My StyleCast profile to getting connected with your StyleCast Community. With your profile you are able to earn Stylecast points, love or "favorite" some of StyleCast articles or products, and share your own personal style with other "fashionistas".
And by doing so you earn Style Points to redeem for certain items on the StyleCast shop.

I hope you will check out StyleCaster and follow me as a friend. Hope to see all of you on StyleCaster.

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