Monday, July 13, 2009

Frugal Tip Monday-Online Grocery Store is your Online Grocery Store. You are able to select your household items and have them delivered to your front door. Setting up your account is very simple. will ask you some questions about your household and create a shopping list that is suitable for you. Some great features that I have discovered are that since this is still in beta mode, you are able to suggest items that are not seen on the site. You can create your profile and connect with other Alice users, give reviews on items your have purchased, and automatically ship items. This is extremely innovative and outright genius.

From's blog, they list 7 reasons to use their site.

1. Get free shipping

Alice offers free shipping with every order.

2. Manage and automate your life
Alice is a service, similar to Netflix, that makes it very easy for you to manage and automate this entire category of goods so you never run out.

3. Use budgeting and advanced planning tools
Alice let’s you plan your purchases in this category, helping you budget and focus your spending, and avoid impulse purchases at the store.

4. Take advantage of competitive prices

You won’t overpay for the tremendous convenience of Alice. In addition to always free shipping, Alice’s prices are competitive with the traditional mass retailers.

5. Get coupons applied automatically
Alice has a completely new couponing system. We automatically find and apply coupons for you on thousands of products, making it easy to save even more without any extra effort.

6. Save time and eliminate store trips

Alice saves you time by eliminating store trips so you can do things that do matter.

7. Find all your favorite brands

Although just getting started, Alice’s product assortment is very broad, and we plan to continue to both major brands and the specialty brands you can’t always find on the store shelf.

Does anyone else think that this is a GENIUS IDEA OR WHAT?

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