Monday, June 22, 2009

Frugal Tip Monday-Tips for Dining on a Budget

Dining Out is America's past time, at least I know it's mine. Saving is key nowadays, so cutting back is key. By making some minor adjustments you will still be able to enjoy dining out while still watching the bank. According to FeedThePig here are some great tips on Dining on A Budget.

  • Avoid Appetizers; or, if out with friends, consider splitting one.

  • Eat dessert at home or share it with a friend to cut the cost.

  • Eat a snack before going out to dinner. You'll spend less if you aren't starving.

  • Drink water instead of other pricey beverages.

  • Use coupons for restaurants.

  • If you want to go out with a friend for a meal, try lunch instead of dinner - it's almost always cheaper.

  • If you're out and order a large meal, cut it in half before you start eating and take the other portion home. You'll have dinner for another night or lunch the next day.

  • If you have kids, find places that have kids-eat-free nights. This can quickly add up to big savings.

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      Blogger Dottie said...

      Great tips! My husband and I always split a meal when we eat out. Not so much to be frugal, but because restaurants give huge portions and we simply won't eat huge portions. Don't worry about waiters judging you as cheap - we've never had a negative reaction and simply leave a big tip (as if we had paid for two dishes). That saves lots of money.

      July 6, 2009 at 8:57 PM  

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