Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fashion Tip Monday 7-Cheap is the New Black

Shopping affordably is key in this uncertain economy. Being able to shop has become more of a chore than it is leisure. "Cheap being the New Black" is a great new approach to still look fabulous without paying for it, LITERALLY.

Here are some tips for shopping "Cheap and Chic".

  1. Shop on Sale- Taking a assessment of the sale rack can always make for a better shopping experience. Around this time of year, most items are off season, but we are very close to summer so stores are soon trying to get rid of spring inventory to make way for their summer shipments.

  2. Buy a size Bigger and Alter- Shopping on the sale rack can be such a pain. You will always have this dilemma, you see something that is extremely affordable but just not your size. If the item is something that needs just slight altering and the price is too good to pass up, Buy and make Alterations. Let's say the item is under $5 and to make the needed alterations are no more than $10. You will be totalling around $15 for a great item of clothing.

  3. Buy Clothing in Off Season- Buying clothing in off season can add up to great savings in the long run. Purchasing items that are not currently in season are always guaranteed to be marked down close to 50% or more. Do not purchase trendy pieces, buy this time next year it will be "so last season". Classic and traditional items are the way to go for buying in off season.

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Blogger Elaine said...

I like #2. I just buy bigger clothes because they are more comfortable! So i am glad this oversized-tee trend is!

June 11, 2009 at 11:13 PM  

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