Monday, August 10, 2009

Frugal Tip Monday- How to Save By Spending on Select Days

SavvySugar is one of my favorite resources for helpful finance information. I came across an article that read "How To Save by Spending On Select Days". The insight into this concept was great thinking. Spending wisely is very important, here are some suggestions on how to save by selection of a certain day.

1. Grocery Sales are determined by the day you are paid- Marketing is very strategic for when sales are offered to customers. They know that most people are paid at the beginning and the end of the month, and they gauge their promotions accordingly. Smart HUH? They know the consumers are likely to spend more at the beginning of the month.

2. Appointing a Day for Buying Lunch- Eating out is one of the biggest expense on everyone's list, including mine. (Guilty as Charged) Designating a day to buy lunch out will cut down on your unnecessary expenses and build towards a more financially stable future.

3. Going Cash Only on The Weekends- Placing yourself on a cash only budget can eliminate overspending. Having a set amount for your weekend activities can make for some decision making on functions or outings that you attend. We are more likely to spend more on the weekend for the sole purpose of fun and entertainment after a long week, but be careful this can take you right to the poor house.

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Blogger FabBlab said...

I like the weekend idea. Might just try it out friday onwards :)

August 11, 2009 at 2:49 AM  

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