Monday, July 27, 2009

Frugal Tip Monday- How Being Lazy Can Cost You

I came across a great article from DailyWorth, a site that offers free financial advice for women. I was reading their recent article The Cost of Being Lazy and it really hit home. We are all somewhat lazy when it comes to our finances. Whether it be saving, spending too much, or just not taking care of the monthly necessitates. It can really add up "FAST". According to DailyWorth here are some examples of laziness that are done quite frequently.

1.Not finding the best rate for your savings account
2. Not opening a retirement fund ASAP
3. Not sending in your rebate offers
4. Waiting till the last minute to pay bill
and incurring late fees
5. Not negotiating a deal

For solutions on each topic please visit: Get Rich Slowly

Please feel free to let me know, what ways you are wasting money and if you have any solutions to turn things around.

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