Monday, April 6, 2009

Fashion Tip 2-Going Green Fashion

Going Green Fashion. Eco-Friendly is definitely the way to go. It's affordable and you will always be helping out the environment. Recycling your clothing, shopping at thrift stores, and reselling your old items are to SAVE GREEN!!!

Here are some tips and ways to Go Green.

Recycling/Swapping Clothing

It's time for spring cleaning and what better way to get rid of old clothing and start a new, than selling or recycling what you already have. Once you go through your closet and assess what stays and what goes, its time to decide what's next?

There are some great clothes swapping sites like Rehash, MyFashionSwap, and SwapStyle that provide you with a community of others with items that they would like to trade. (My Fashion Swap is still under construction but please sign up for the notification so you know when the site goes live).

Reselling Your Clothing Online

Another way to stay green and make some extra money is to sell your gently used clothes.
A site called Ecrater is a free marketplace to sell your items and create your own online store.
I am creating a store soon on so I will keep you posted.

Thrifty Shopping

Shopping secondhand is a great way save money and get new items for your wardrobe. Stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army are great starting points for your quest of thrifting smart. Goodwill also has a online auction site that features items for sale.

Check out Fashion Tip #1 on Budgeting and Happy Going Green.

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