Monday, April 27, 2009

Fashion Tip 4-Online Shopping 101

Shopping online is one of my favorite past times. Browsing at your leisure, no lines, and being to find your size with digging through the racks are all pluses in my book.
Learning how to shop online can be very rewarding and in my opinion better that shopping in store.

Knowing the Store Policy
Making purchases from stores that you frequent are particularly easy, you know your the cut of the clothing and what your running size will be. But if you are buying from someplace new ALWAYS CHECK THE RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY. Knowing their procedures are a great way to still get the convenience of online shopping and the comfort of shopping in store.
Making the mistake and not knowing the store procedures can create a unpleasant experience for you as the shopper.

Comparison Shopping
Trying to find exactly what you are looking for online can be such a hassle. Being able to go to a particular place and have options pulled and priced are the advantages of online, A One Stop Shop. Comparison Shopping is a great tool for the new "cyber" shopper.

Here are some of my favorite Comparison Shopping sites:
  1. Price grabber
  2. Shopping
  3. Like
  4. The Find
  5. Smarter

Have Fun and Happy Shopping

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