Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Trend 2009-Harem Pants

Hammertime is back. The loose fitting pant is definitely the trend of the season. This is a great alternative to the everyday jean. The loose drapery of the fabric can make this style very difficult to wear.

Pairing Harem Pants with structured pieces is a great way to go. Blazers and cardigans are a great foundation pieces.

Very dramatic footwear is a great way to give your look a bit of personal flair. Deciding on which platform heel, ankle boot, or gladiator sandal are some examples of creating a unique look of your own.

Here are just some examples of how the Harem Pant is done right.

ohne Titel

ohne Titel - by keksi on

Modern Aladdin

Modern Aladdin - by **Eva** on

Harem Pants Trend (3)

Harem Pants Trend (3) - by joostyna on


Weird - by Minni on

Untitled - by punctum on


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